The Best Washing Machine Jacks : Top 13 Comparison & Reviews

“Her heart thumped and thrashed like an unbalanced washing machine.”
― Christopher Greyson, And Then She Was Gone

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Washin Jax Laundry Agitators ( For Better Clean When Compared To Agitation Balls)
Product Highlights:
  • what today's washing machines are missing | add back in the agitation to scrub your clothes clean!
  • conserve water and detergent | avoid re-washing clothes and enjoy cleaner clothes!
  • save time and money | get your clothes truly clean the first time!
IMPROVED 3 Piece Commercial ( Medium, Large) For A Variety Of Jobs. 300 LB Rating)
Product Highlights:
  • design improvement - 300 pound load rating ↑ material thickness improved to 0.8mm ↑ two side coating (interior & exterior)tup durable material ↑ with rounded corners, stiff durable edges, smooth exterior and internal stiffener for easier insertion
  • accessory improvement - 2 piece free non scratch pry tool ↑ hose lengthened to 10 inches ↑ upgrade the 3rd generation push button air valve, thicker and more durable, precise leveling
  • save time,effort - 3 sizes to meet a variety of work needs. work done by many people may only need one person to complete.a variety of purposes, including moving and adjusting the level of. air regulate shim for window, cabinet, door, installations, appliances!
Calculated Industries 1194 Air ( Contractor-Grade Alignment Pump Wedge)
Product Highlights:
  • contractor-grade inflatable air wedges for window, door and cabinet installations; longer cushion lifts loads higher, faster, resists folding
  • 500 lb load rating safely handles full size installations with just a single installer; saving time and labor costs
  • rounded corner and internal stiffener gets into tight 3/32” gaps and won’t fold under pressure; durable, no-scuff cover leaves no marks
Washer BallsReusable TangleFree EcoFriendly ( Enhance Your Machine Cleaning Power (15 Pcs))
Product Highlights:
  • included - 15 pcs solid washer balls,2.36 inch (6 cm) across
  • material - these laundry scrubbing balls are made of premium solid soft pvc, durable and soft which will not harm clothes and washing machine, good elasticity and wont fade as well
  • usage - the balls improve washing greatly by unique convex and concave design, save lot of water and more fluffy, not twining separate clothes effectively and soften fabrics naturally.
LG Electronics 4433ER1003A Washing ( Washing Machine Lifter)
Product Highlights:
  • lg 4433er1003a washing machine lifter assembly
  • see product description for list of compatible models
  • refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part
Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter ( Safe And Easy Moving Of Couches Sofas Refrigerators + More)
Product Highlights:
  • no more back pain, no more headache: using our furniture lifter and rollers set you can move the furniture all by yourself. you no longer have to be mega strong to move heavy furniture or appliances. anyone can do it
  • the perfect furniture lifters and sliders kit: forget about having to ask friends or neighbors for help whenever you clean, redecorate or rearrange your furniture. our heavy furniture moving system lifter kit is the best friend in these situations
  • moving heavy furniture has never been so easy: all you have to do now is to lift the furniture legs using the lever just high enough for the furniture rollers to slide under and then gently glide it to the position you need. 3 simple easy moves
Washing Machine Stand Sanyi ( Feet For Washing Machine, Dryer And Refrigerator)
Product Highlights:
  • adjustable size:length/width:18.3 - 25inch/46.5 - 63cm.height:4.3 - 4.7inch/11 - is a telescopic base that can be extended according to the washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator.
  • easy to move:our washing machine stand has 4 strong lifting feet + 4 locking rubber swivel wheels. stay firm and also is easy to move with swivel wheels, which is convenient for cleaning and reworking. able to lift washing machines and refrigerators off the ground, effectively avoiding direct contact with the ground. it solves the problem of difficult drainage and cleaning. besides, it can also keep moisture and humidity away, prevent the washer from rusting and prolong the life of the washer.
  • up to 300kg:using sturdy stainless steel and resin, it has excellent stability and corrosion resistance. moreover, with feet and wheels, the load capacity is up to 660lbs/300kg.
Lavamatic WS10521 Electronic Surge ( – Front Top Load Washers)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ best protection: protects against high and low voltage, brownout, spike, instant surge, power failure, voltage fluctuation and load shedding. high voltage shutoff (135vac), low voltage shutoff (90vac)
  • ✅ usage: recommended for front and top load washing machines
  • ✅ delay period: the delay period indicator turns on when the lavamatic is first plugged to the power outlet or after a power outage. it starts a 3 minutes time delay to allow stabilization of the system. please wait 3 minutes before you plug in your appliance the first time you use this unit
Grateful House Premium Quality ( Hypoallergenic, Safe, Reliable Non Detergent Laundry System)
Product Highlights:
  • we understand you! are you looking for a detergent free laundry system? something that is safe for your home and the environment? helping you save time and money? you’ve found it! pair the washing balls with the grateful house 100% wool dryer balls and you’ve got the perfect solution! you might enjoy doing laundry! we offer an inexpensive and effective way to clean your laundry without any harsh chemicals. its safe for you, the earth, and your grey water and septic systems.
  • what is the difference between grateful house laundry balls and the others? most laundry balls offer the same benefits however the grateful house laundry balls outer shell is non toxic and specially designed to mimic the old fashion washing board. the slightly softer shell will not damage your fabrics. the inner ceramics are the largest on the market, offering a more efficient cleaning structure by alkalizing your water and raising your ph level aiding in very effective removal of dirt and odors
  • amazing for babies! such a simple and safe detergent alternative. this hyper allergenic laundry system will provide a chemical free wash helping you to enjoy that new baby smell the way mother nature intended. most laundry detergents contain carcinogens and are very toxic. no harsh chemicals, no phosphates, sulfates, petrochemicals, animal by-products, chlorine, perfumes, gluten, tree nut-based ingredients, dyes, or allergens.
SPACECARE Mobile Roller With ( Stand Refrigerator Base Moving Cart)
Product Highlights:
  • 【adjustable size】- this movable base can be adjusted for 18-1/2 inches to 27-3/5 inches objects as the second main picture show, you can effortlessly roll a wide variety of furniture through your house
  • 【universality】- the mobile roller is used for the bottom of appliances like portable washing machines, washer and dryer, refrigerator or mini fridge
  • 【360-degree wheels】- equiped with 360-degree 4 locking swivel wheels, that you can move it easily or lock wheels to make it fixed in order to prevent collision.
Pet Hair Remover Balls ( And Cats On Clothes In The Washing Machine 12 Packs)
Product Highlights:
  • 【wide function】 hair remover can also be used to directly to remove clothes,bedding,coats,dresses,sheets and any other hair,lint,pet hair and other debris.
  • 【save time】: can be used in both washing machines and dryers. washing the dryer ball can not only help eliminate the need for chemically loaded fabric softeners in the dryer; it can also shorten the drying time, thereby reducing the wrinkles of clothes , extend the life of clothes and towels
  • 【use assured】: the pet hair remover is made of plastic and nylon, so durable and sturdy that you can use for a long time, non-toxic and reusable, which can make the hair ball on the clothes to fall off effectively
Washing Machine Drain Hose ( Bend (4 feet Collapsed) )
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ contents: 1 universal corrugated washer drain hose
  • ✅ compatibility:  universal fit to all washing machine brands, our hoses connect securely to any standard washing machine. formed outlet end can be cut to fit a 1”, 1 1/4”, and 1/8” 
  • ✅ high-quality: this exact equivalent part is durably made and intelligently designed to work perfectly with your washing machine.
Two Electronic Surge Protector (Combo Refrigmatic for Refrigerators And Lavamatic for Washing Machines)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ contents:  one refrigmatic surge protector for refrigerator, one lavamatic surge protector for washing machine.
  • ✅ best protection:  professional surge protectors, specially designed to protect your refrigerator and your washing machine against high and low voltage, brownout, spike, instant surge, power failure, voltage fluctuation and load shedding.
  • ✅ protect your home main appliances: use refrigmatic for domestic refrigerators up to 27 cu. ft., ice makers and air conditioners up to 5000btu. use lavamatic for front and top load washing machines.  ensuring that these are safe from power spikes. these brief but powerful spikes can cause irreparable damage to your home equipment.

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