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“Life is a game of snakes and ladders, sir. You are steadily progressing accros the board, rolling sixes on the dice and thinking you are going to win – suddenly you land on a long snake and slide several rows down, far away from the destination again. -Mr. Ali-”
― Farahad Zama, The Wedding Wallah

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SPRI Slide Board 71 ( Impact Balance Training (Skating, Hockey))
Product Highlights:
  • slide board: this sliding balance board is a great tool for minimal impact exercises that are light on the knees and joints, but with high intensity to tone your upper and lower body, abs & glutes
  • balance training: slide training can be used in a variety of exercises for improving balance and stability
  • super smooth glide: the pvc slide board glides with ease and features bumpers on each end for extra safety and security while sliding
DMI Transfer Board Made ( Pounds, Two Cut Out Handles, 30 X 8 X 1)
Product Highlights:
  • essential tool: for caregivers to easily and safely transfer patients allowing them to move with independence while protecting caregivers from injury
  • easy, safe and secure transfers to assist a move between a wheelchair, bed, chair, sofa, commode or other sitting position
  • cutout handles offer extra leverage with a safe and secure grip. each handle has been rounded, sanded and sealed for comfort
Yes4All Slide Board ( Included (A. Black - 6 Feet) (D8U0))
Product Highlights:
  • ergonomic design: yes4all slide board is specifically designed to ease the pressure on your knees, enabling you to reduce injury risks and improve your progress. features fenders to prevent you from sliding off the board
  • versatile balance training: with the slide board, you will be able to incorporate a wide variety of exercises into your workout routine with ease, including core, leg training, squats, lunges, push-ups and many more
  • smooth surface: the slide board’s surface is made from pvc material that is soft and flexible, guarantees a smooth gliding motion during your practice, increasing your balance workout efficiency while also maintaining safety
American Lifetime Slide Board ( Carrying Bag Included, Black, 7.5 Feet)
Product Highlights:
  • minimal impact, hight performance – our silky smooth weight training slide board is specially designed to provide minimal impact on your knees and legs while catering to many high performance exercises, including training for popular sports. if you like skating or hockey, the slide board could be your perfect exercise tool
  • perfect for travelling – the board’s soft and flexible material makes travel easy all you need to do is roll it up and it will fit perfectly in its carrying bag, which is included, for safe, secure and easy transportation. wherever you are ready to work out, the slide board will be there with you
  • find your perfect workout - our board can be used for countless exercises, such as core and leg training, squats, split squats, lunges, push ups, stair climbing, planks, and plank jacks and many more. research your body’s needs to find your perfect workout routine, and the slide board will become your new favorite gym assistant
3G Ultimate Slide Board ( (White, Premium Thick 6Ft))
Product Highlights:
  • classic slide board design, made in usa, directly from the manufacturer
  • we make our slide board wider than others ! dimension: 6ft x 2ft
  • we are using premium quality pine wood for bumpers construction as this matireal are multiple times more durable then termo-plastic material used to make bumpers in other models. termo - plastic can crack especially if taken to extreme, our bumpers would not.
BuddyHit Slide Board ( With Lycra Gloves And Shoe Covers - 6 Feet)
Product Highlights:
  • minimal impact exercise: slide board training can be used in a variety of exercises for improving balance and stability, it can be used for countless exercises, such as core and leg training, squats, skating stride, lunge, push up, mountain climber, planks, hamstring curl and many more. find your perfect workout routine. slide into the best exercise habit of your life.
  • super smooth surface with non slip bottom: the best quality slide board, pp material durable and smooth surface and you can get the best sliding non slip bottom to make sure the board will not move during your work out.
  • deluxe version includes: slide board includes a pair of lycra shoe booties and lycra gloves with an additional nylon shoe booties for replacement in case of need, installing two anti-collision buffer straps on each end for extra safety and security while sliding, mesh carrying bag with strap and an exercise guide to help you started! "made in taiwan"
Wooden Slide Transfer Board ( Of Seniors And Handicap, 30 X 8 X 0.7)
Product Highlights:
  • function: transfer board provides safe, convenient, high-quality and humanized location transfer service for patients with mobility disabilities by connecting two locations, so as to realize safe and rapid transfer from bed, wheelchair, stool and other locations. minimize the stress or injury of users and caregivers.
  • size: our transfer board is made of hardwood, 30in long, 8in wide and 0.7in thick. with beautiful and durable appearance, it can provide super load capacity, crushing resistance, fracture resistance and high safety. and its weight is moderate, only 3.7 pounds, easy to use at home and out.
  • smooth surface: these transfer board are sanded evenly and sealed with a smooth surface coating, reducing friction between patients and transfer boards, allowing patients to slide more easily to their destination. and the smooth surface will not hurt the patient's skin and clothing, giving the patient the safest experience.
Better Hockey Extreme Slide ( Booties In Size S, M And L - Used By The Pros)
Product Highlights:
  • practice like the pros - more than 100 players in the nhl players train with this amazing slide board for hockey players
  • win the race to the puck - it targets the specific muscles needed to help you maximize the power of your stride
  • everyone in the family can work out - it comes with three pairs of slide board booties in size small, medium and large
Hockey Revolution Adjustable Sliding ( Shooting And Pass Practice Equipment - My Slide Board Lit)
Product Highlights:
  • 🏒 complete training kit - develop your stride with my slide board lit. this european-made hockey slide board includes 12 orange tiles, 2 stoppers, slide board booties, and 1 anti-slip rubber mat.
  • 🏒 improve your game - get a really fun and great workout with our training tiles sliding board. it helps increase your power, leg strength, speed, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility.
  • 🏒 adjustable & convenient - our sliding board comes with (12) 13x13-inch tiles. add or remove tiles to get the desired length suitable for players of all ages, heights, and skill levels.
ProsourceFit Slide Board (rosourceFit Slide Board)
Product Highlights:
  • booties & bag - includes lycra booties to cover your shoes for smooth sliding, and a mesh carrying bag so you can roll it up for storage and travel
  • balance & athletic training - sliding & exercising on the board challenges your balance and trains your legs/core for sports like skating & hockey
  • low impact, high intensity - a great way to train with high intensity and boost your heart rate without having to jump or put stress on your joints

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