The Best Pop Up Sprinkler Heads For Lawn : Top 13 Comparison & Reviews

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KRain ProS 4 Professional ( Pattern Nozzles(0°-360°))
Product Highlights:
  • water saving, easy to use, fast, durable, reliable
Rain Bird 1804VAN ( Adjustable Pattern (0 To 360 Degrees))
Product Highlights:
  • 5 rainbird 1804 spray heads
  • comes with adjustable nozzle already installed in each head
  • 4" pop-up height
Orbit 55662 Voyager II ( Spray Distance (Ten Bonus Nozzles Included),Black)
Product Highlights:
  • longest spray distance: sprays adjust from a 25- to 52-foot radius, the longest distance in its class.
  • compatible design: perfect replacement for old, failing, or inefficient sprinkler systems and is compatible with all major brands of gear-driven rotor sprinklers.
  • area coverage: ideal for medium to large lawns. 3/4" fpt inlet size
Modtek Replacement Pop UP ( Sprinkler Color May Vary. (10, 10AN))
Product Highlights:
  • spray nozzle with adjustable 0 to 360° pattern; spray distance from 2.9' -18.7'
  • new! version 5 is designed for higher performance
  • new! design prevents debris clogs
Rain Bird 1804VAN PopUp ( Sprinkler, 4" Height)
Product Highlights:
  • janitorial & cleaning supplies
  • country of manufacture: united states
  • manufacturer: rain bird
Toro 53818 3Inch PopUp ( Sprinkler, 0-360-Degree, 15-Feet,Blacks)
Product Highlights:
  • coverage area of up to 15 square-feet is ideal for small lawn and shrub areas
  • zero-flush seal helps prevent flushing and water loss on pop-up
  • pre-installed 15-feet van for adjustable patterns from 0 to 360-degree
Rain Bird Rotor Heads ( Sprinkler Heads. 4-Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • exclusive triple blade wiper seal for leak resistant use
  • ideal for residential, light commercial, and commercial use
  • rotates from 40 to 360 degrees
KORAM 4 Popup Sprinkler ( Lawn Yard Garden Park Planter Flower Beds (4-Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • ☘ adjustable from 0° to 360° part circle - koram sprinklers are adjustable easily by twisting so don't need to buy a 90 degree or 180 degree head. these make it easy to install and adjust to fit grass line perfectly.
  • ☘ quick setup & easy to use - easily mounts on a standard 1/2-inch riser for simple replacement of older rotors, and provides a true 4-inch pop-up height to water taller grass.
  • ☘ upgrade material & durable - koram pop-up lawn sprinkler heads are constructed of uv-resistant plastic to help protect them from the sun's harsh ultraviolet rays. durable gear-driven rotors designed for reliable operation.
Orbit 55200 Pulse PopUp ( Sprinkler Head)
Product Highlights:
  • universal design: perfect replacement for old, failing, or inefficient impact sprinkler heads, and is compatible with all major brands.
  • spray distance: comes preinstalled with a 35-foot spray distance nozzle.
  • pressure range: operates between 20-80 psi, and offers great spray coverage in low pressure situations.
Rain Bird SP25AP18 SP25AP25 ( Adjustable 0°, 2.5", Pop-up Height)
Product Highlights:
  • janitorial & cleaning supplies
  • providing for quick and easy flushing and maintenance
  • package dimensions: 1.524 l x 10.414 h x 4.064 w (centimeters)
Rain Bird 1806VAN ( Adjustable Pattern (0 To 360 Degrees))
Product Highlights:
  • 5 rainbird 1806 spray heads (no side inlet)
  • comes with adjustable nozzle already installed in each head
  • 6" pop-up height plus 9" base
Orbit 55201 Pulse XL ( With Fully Adjustable Spray Pattern)
Product Highlights:
  • area coverage up to 45' in radius- full or part circle
  • universal - replaces most impact and gear stream heads
  • extra nozzles included for use in high pressure or low pressure irrigation systems
5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler ( Feet Water Spray Distance (Y54007) (20 Pack Case))
Product Highlights:
  • 🌼performance – reliability - value. rainbird y54007 pop-up sprinkler with industry-leading rain curtain nozzle technology delivers a uniform spray pattern throughout to ensure that your lawn is watered evenly and consistently over the entire radius! our rain curtain nozzles include 8 low-angle nozzles and 8 standard angle nozzles.
  • 🌼 time and cost-efficient. our part-circle pattern pop-up rotor is ideal for medium to large-size lawns and can water from 25 to 50 feet! it produces large water droplets for greater wind resistance, prevent misting and airborne evaporation, so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place, saving you time and money!
  • 🌼 fast installation and maintenance. the sprinkler head is built with a slip-clutch mechanism that allows quick adjustment on installation. it also features convenient arc adjustment from the top, which requires only a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust. our pop-up sprinkler has a radius adjustment screw that allows up to 25% radius reduction without changing nozzles.

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