Top 12 Bidet Gasket

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12 Best Bidet Gasket

Danco 80817 Home Washer ( 42-Piece, Pack Of 1, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • complete home rubber washer repair kit: the danco home washer assortment comes with the most popular and widely used washers and includes 42 pieces in various metric and inch standard sizes for your convenience
  • rubber washers - varied assortment - includes a varied assortment of washers ranging from faucet washers, hose washers, slip join washers, o-rings, sink strainer washers and bibb screws
  • small red washers - the small red washers are specialized for outdoor spigots
American Standard 0472180070A Coupling ( Coupling Gasket)
Product Highlights:
  • beveled coupling gasket
  • for pressure assist tanks
  • model number: 047218 0070a
JPs NOLEAK Metal Bidet ( Reinforced Design, Size 1/2")
Product Highlights:
  • ✔ anti-leak design … thanks to the special ‘leak fix’ topnut and built-in plumbers tape, your jp bathroom master adapter is securely 100% leak-proof.
  • ✔ control water pressure … unlike most competing products, the pressure attachment on our water valve lets you set the water pressure on your bidet just as you like it.
  • ✔ easy to install … many hose sprayer adapter problems are caused by imperfect fittings. the easy-install design of ours means you get quicker fitting with fewer issues!
AVAbay Stainless Steel Sprayer ( Pet Wash (Sprayer Head - Drum Model))
Product Highlights:
  • 🌟 hand held sprayer head only - not includes t-valve, hose, holster
  • 🌟 stainless steel with brushed chrome finish
  • 🌟 g1/2 '' coupling (including rubber gasket)
LUXE 2 Rubber SealGasket (Seal/Gasket For No Hub)
Product Highlights:
  • this gasket is made from epdm rubber
  • designed for a 2 inch no hub2 inch no hub
  • fits aco, luxe and most other 2" outlet linear drains
Danco 34443 Rubber Faucet ( O-Ring Kit, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • eliminates and prevents leaks: faucet o-rings help eliminate faucet leaks by providing a better seal and a positive shut off
  • abrasion and heat resistant: o-rings have a high abrasive resistance and temperature resistance and will withstand heat between a temperature range of 86°f to 248°f (-30°c to 120°c)
  • assorted o-rings outer diameter: includes 12 most popular sizes and lid chart illustrates the sizes for easy identification: 3/8” od; 7/16” od, 1/2” od, 9/16” od, 5/8” od , 11/16” od, 3/4” od, 3/16” od, 7/8” od, 15/16” od, 1-1/16” od and 1-1/8” od
JXMMP Handheld Bidet Sprayer ( Diaper Sprayer, Shattaf, Pet Shower, Brushed Nickel)
Product Highlights:
  • 【hand held bidet sprayer】this metal spray head is made of premium sus 304 stainless steel that are highly regarded for their anti-rust,energy efficiency, ensure excellent durability corrosion resistance, more stability than abs plastic material hand-held bidet shower sets.
  • 【anti-leaking shower hose】 the toilet hand sprayer internal hose is not only has epdm inner but also has high-density woven nylon hose, the external hose is made of flexible stainless steel, the two are fastened strongly to increase flexibility and prevent burst leakage, could bearing high pressure water supply. 47 inches long is enough using for toilet cleaning.
  • 【adjustable t-valve】solid brass manufacturing with brass ceramic cartridge, control on-off and water pressure for the toilet water sprayer, keep the portable bidet safe and healthy, ideal for the whole household, especially for the for women during pregnancy and menstrual cycles.
Metal Tadapter With Shutoff ( For Bidet4me Hand Held Bidet)
Product Highlights:
  • hand held bidet tee adapter
  • metal t-adapter with shut-off valve
  • 3-way tee connector
LUXE Metal Tadapter With ( Finish, For Luxe Neo Bidets)
Product Highlights:
  • compatible with luxe neo bidets (neo 110, neo 120, neo 180, neo 185, neo 250, neo 320) and vi-110
  • shut-off valve gives ability to turn off or reduce/adjust the water pressure coming into the bidet
  • ideal for households with children (bidet can be "locked" so it cannot be turned on by accident)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅bring european luxury into your home - long ago the french learned the benefits of having a bidet in their home. a great way to clean after toileting, you too can have this luxury incorporated into your toilet seat. stainless steel nozzle sprays water where you need it and leaves you fresh and clean.
  • ✅health benefits - water pressure control. whether you're after giving birth or suffer from medical issues, using a bidet is the best way to keep your posterior relieve or prevent irritation. a convenient valve allows adjusting the water pressure from gentle to strong flow, for your optimal comfort.
  • ✅quality materials - designed to last, our researchers have developed the best quality product on the market. made from chrome plated brass and stainless steel, the us-standard t-adapter attaches easily to your existing plumbing. all metallic components ensure reliability and prevent water leaks.
Product Highlights:
  • personal hygiene refresher
  • extra long 9" curved nozzle for a longer reach
  • portable and ideal for travel
Toilet Seat Bumper For ( Adhesive Bumper Pads White 5 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • 【level toilet seat】- a must for a toilet seat with a bidet! covers the gap and provide good support to toilet seats after bidet is installed
  • 【easy to use】-these toilet seat bumper pads are easy to install with adhesive on one side. just remove thin cover paper over adhesive, place and tools needed & easy to install
  • 【5 pcs pack】-there are 5 pieces bidet bumpers in the more piece than other items. the standard size fits for most toilet seat:l4.4 cm/ 1.77in, w1.8 cm/ 0.71in, h2 cm/ 0.79in

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